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Pump It Up Book Blast

Pump It UpPump It Up

Ernie Boudreaux provides back room silicone injections at bargain basement prices for those looking to enhance their anatomy. Unfortunately some of his patients pay the ultimate price. When a patient dies on the table Ernie tries to dispose of the body, but doesn’t count on a witness. Dave Ryan is on vacation in Flagler Beach, Florida and enjoying an evening stroll along A1A when he suddenly finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he witnesses two people throwing a body into a dumpster. The next thing he knows, he’s sitting on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean chained to an anchor. Ex-Navy SEAL Ike is just trying to enjoy a quiet evening on his boat with friends—but it isn’t meant to be. Before he can say sex-change operation he finds himself caught in a high-speed, high-stakes adventure with the lives of his friends hanging in the balance. Pump It Up is a non-stop ride through a neighborhood where you leave the windows up and lock the doors.

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About the Author

Tim Baker was born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island. After graduating from The Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1980 he embarked on a career in Architecture and Engineering. Along the way he has also worked in the natural gas industry, construction and ice cream sales. In his spare time he enjoys a wide variety of activities including sports of all kinds, music, photography, model building and, of course, writing. An avid dog lover, Tim was a volunteer puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, raising and socializing potential guide dogs. He has also studied and taught martial arts. Inspired by his interest in Karma and the unexplained forces of the universe, he made his first serious attempt at writing in 1988 when he began writing a novel entitled Full Circle, a story about the far reaching effects that one man's actions can have on people he has never even met. Currently, Tim is enjoying life in Palm Coast, Florida. Follow Tim Baker Website | Facebook | Twitter

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One winner will win a copy of all of Tim Baker's books! In addition to Pump it Up (listed above), Tim Baker is the author of the following:
Living the Dream Living The Dream Kindle / Paperback No Good Deed No Good Deed Kindle / Paperback
Water Hazard Water Hazard Kindle / Paperback Backseat To Justice Backseat To Justice Kindle / Paperback
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Spy Lover Book Review

Title: The Spy Lover
Author: Kiana Davenport
Length: 303 pages
Format: Paperback/ eBook
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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Thrust into the savagery of the Civil War, a Chinese immigrant serving in the Union Army, a nurse doubling as a spy for the North, and a one-armed Confederate cavalryman find their lives inextricably entwined.
Fleeing drought and famine in China, Johnny Tom arrives in America with dreams of becoming a citizen. Having survived vigilantes hunting “yellow dogs” and slave auction- blocks, Johnny is kidnapped from his Mississippi village by Confederate soldiers, taken from his wife and daughter, and forced to fight for the South. Eventually defecting to the Union side, he is promised American citizenship in exchange for his loyal services. But first Johnny must survive the butchery of battles and the cruelties inflicted on non-white soldiers.
Desperate to find Johnny, his daughter, Era, is enlisted as a spy. She agrees to work as a nurse at Confederate camps while scouting for the North. Amidst the unspeakable carnage of wounded soldiers, she finds solace in Warren Petticomb, a cavalryman who lost an arm at Shiloh. As devastation mounts in both armies, Era must choose where her loyalties lie—with her beloved father in the North, or with the man who passionately sustains her in the South.
A novel of extraordinary scope that will stand as a defining work on the Chinese immigrant experience, The Spy Lover is a paean to the transcendence of love and the resilience of the human spirit


The Spy Lover was a very enlightening read. Well researched with a lot of insight into the Civil War, it is definitely headed for success.

The three main characters – Johnny, Eva and Warren are emotionally portrayed making the reader really get ‘into’ their lives. Johnny - a Chinese man, comes from China to America in search of a future. Instead he is kidnapped and made to join the fight against the south in the US Civil War, where he is treated in the worst possible way because he is not white. His daughter Eva becomes a spy in order to search for her father and meets Warren a Confederate soldier from whom she hides her past.
A poignant romance, a history retold – The Spy Lover is a book that you will be unable to put

Five Stars all the way!!

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Book Review : Deja Vu All Over Again


IT HAD LONG BEEN DEBATED THAT THE END OF DAYS FOR PLANET EARTH WAS SET IN CONCRETE AS DECEMBER 21, 2012. Mathematical savant Ana Christensen was merely following her instincts when working a theorem in a direction and style that could have never been accepted by traditional mathematicians. As a result she stumbled upon an ancient Mayan creation, a time loop beginning in 3114BC and ending on the long contested twenty first century date. In a dynamic race against time, Ana and her male compatriot battle the forces of individual evil, bureaucracy, paramilitary mercenaries, and most powerful of all…destiny.


With December 21, 2012 fast approaching, most wonder whether it will be the end of the world and what it will be like. Deja Vu All Over Again is a story that is based around this date. A fast paced thriller this book combines Sci-fi and suspense to make it a winner. While I am not usually a sci-fi fan, Deja Vu All Over Again is a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

It tells the story of a woman called Ana who tries to save the world. The book has a little of everything – violence, romance, fantasy and action. Ana connects to quantum space and transcends the time loop.

A five star rated book, it is definitely one that will do well for a holiday read.
About the author:

James Strait’s professional career began as a Special Forces soldier, where he demonstrated youthful tenacity and versatility by becoming the youngest recruit to graduate Special Forces Training Group.
After the military he enjoyed a thirty-year career as a professional pilot flying over one hundred different types and categories of airplanes. In parallel, Mr. Strait operated a small business providing a variety of services to civilian companies and the military.
After retirement from professional aviation, Mr. Strait transitioned into broadcast radio where he has hosted “Strait Talks” radio since 2006. He began his professional writing career with the release of “Weird Missouri”, in 2008. His most recent book, “Déjà vu All Over Again” is an action adventure novel taking place in the final 57 hours prior to the calendar turning 12-21-2012.
His future projects involve the release of his third book, “Thomas Jefferson is Missing”. He will also be hosting Book Talk Radio, debuting in the fall of 2012.

James' personal/radio website is
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