Friday, 21 February 2014

From Infatuation to Obsession Book Review

Title: From Infatuation to Obsession, and All the Phases In-Between
Author: Emma Husher
Genre: Romantic Comedy Novella
Length: 94 pages approx
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop (January 21, 2014)

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Patrice Minner has had a horrible day. In fact, her life has been nothing but one loss after another. Through it all, her two best friends have been by her side. When the object of every woman’s fantasy passes through her life, Shelby and Becca persuade Patrice to go after him. Never have been the one to investigate her girlie side, Patrice lets her friends show her the finer ways of the sensual woman. But will it be enough to entice the infamous Austin Tate?


I love to read the odd romance and this being short was even more enjoyable. I am always looking for shorter novels to read at the doctors while I wait with the children or in the car as a passenger of course. The characters in the novella are people who we seem to deal with daily and they are down-to earth.
The slight confusion about the location in one of the final scenes seems to have spoilt a little of the timeline of the book and that seemed to make me lose interest which is a shame because the book is quite enjoyable otherwise.

Author Bio:
Emma Husher is a storyteller with a mind occupied by romantic fantasies, comedy, and steamy nights between the sheets. She spends her extra time putting pen to paper, creating characters and storylines that leave her readers begging for more. Her works delve into her world of late nights, hot bods, and erotic dreams.

Emma lives on the West Coast where she enjoys sunsets, walks on the beach, and writing in the warm sun.

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Book Review: Robbing Mind

Title: How Attitude and Intention Helped Prevent a Fate Worse Than Death Author: Chuck Collins Genre: True Story Length: 132 pages

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In the summer of 2013, Mystery Writer and Radio Personality Chuck Collins was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer. This is the story of how he and a special community of professionals, friends and family made the best of a very bad situation. Portions of proceeds (60%) will go to aid families dealing with brain health issues. Go to for more information.


I think this book was very well written as one can only imagine what it's like to be hit by cancer even more so with brain cancer. It was lovely to see the support of family and friends that helped make what would have been a very hard journey, so much lighter.
To be able to go through something like this and then to relive it in again in one's writing can be difficult and it was so well done by the author. An interesting read.

Author Bio:
Chuck Collins is a 40-year veteran of broadcasting and media in Northeast Ohio, most recently in Akron, Ohio. He is currently operations director with Rubber City Radio Group, WAKR, WQMX, WONE, and has been on the WAKR air 10-3pm weekdays for the last 7 years.
Chuck has written four novels and published hundreds of essays for online and other publications. He has supported the performing arts with leadership roles in the Greater Akron Musical Association and continues to work with alcoholics and recovery services as a trustee with IBH, Addiction Recovery Center.
Chuck and his wife Monika are devoted to family and community and live in Hudson, Ohio.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Snake Typhoon Book Review


Move over Lara Croft, there’s a new action hero in town!

When unseasonable weather hits the sunshine city of Brisbane, a freak typhoon terrorizes the citizens. It’s not just any typhoon though, it’s a snake typhoon! And the deadliest snakes in Australia, with venomous fangs are flying straight for Kez.

Kez is the new girl in the office and she’s desperately fighting to prove herself, but what’s a girl to do when faced with a typhoon of snakes coming straight for her helicopter?

These flying diabolical snakes will stop at nothing to kill their victims and Kez only has one option: Figure out how to stop a snake typhoon and save the world... or die trying!


Short stories are my thing at the moment as I never find enough time to read through longer novels. The book takes you straight into the action of the story with no frills. Kez, akin, to a self made super hero has to save the world from nothing else but a snake typhoon! It is a very witty read and I love Billie Jones' humour. Comical characters, well written descriptions and utterly laugh out loud humour make it a very enjoyable read.

Author Bio:
Billie Jones is a writer from Australia who enjoys imaging herself wrestling killer crocodiles and swimming with great white sharks. She thinks she may have to attempt base jumping so she can write about it and Bungee is on the list too. You can find her either in front of her computer writing about her fictional adventures or at the beach searching for the next perfect wave.
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Friday, 7 February 2014

Book Review: The Weight of a Feather and other stories

Title: The Weight of a Feather and Other Stories
Author: Judy Croome
Genre: Short Story anthology
Length: 200 pages
Publisher: Aztar Press; 1 edition (October 22, 2013)


“The promise implicit in an anthology is that it aspires to present something different, unexpected”  Joyce Carol Oates (Introduction to The Oxford Book of American Short Stories) 

From the classical form of ‘The Weight of a Feather’, first published by The Huffington Post (2013), to the suggestive allegory of ‘The Leopard and The Lizard’, this collection of short stories by South African author Judy Croome is an ideal mix of the familiar and the startling.

These vibrant slices of life testify to the mysterious and luminous resources of the human spirit. Whether feeling the harrowing emotion in ‘The Last Sacrifice’ or the jauntiness of ‘Jannie Vermaak’s New Bicycle’, the reader will delight in a plethora of stories that cross boundaries to both challenge and entertain with their variety.


I like reading anthologies simply because I never have enough time to complete a story. It's nice to be able to finish a story in one go.
I liked the stories in it though I didn't really enjoy the stories that were just a page long as it did not make sense to me. I prefer reading stories with more of a storyline. The book seemed like too many stories were pushed into it.
Having said that, Judy Croome is a talented writer and I do look forward to reading more of her writing as she has a great writing style.

Author Bio:

Judy Croome lives and writes in Johannesburg, South Africa. Shortlisted in the African Writing Flash Fiction 2011 competition, Judy’s short stories and poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, such as the Huffington Post and the University of the Witwatersrand’s Itch Magazine. Her books “The Weight of a Feather & Other Stories” (2013), “a Lamp at Midday” (2012) and “Dancing in the Shadows of Love” (2011) are available. Judy loves her family, cats, exploring the meaning of life, chocolate, cats, rainy days, ancient churches with their ancient graveyards, cats, meditation and solitude. Oh, and cats. Judy loves cats (who already appear to have discovered the meaning of life.)  She is currently researching child murders for her next novel and you can visit Judy on or join her on Twitter @judy_croome

Disclosure: I received the book for an honest review.