Friday, 21 February 2014

Book Review: Robbing Mind

Title: How Attitude and Intention Helped Prevent a Fate Worse Than Death Author: Chuck Collins Genre: True Story Length: 132 pages

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In the summer of 2013, Mystery Writer and Radio Personality Chuck Collins was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer. This is the story of how he and a special community of professionals, friends and family made the best of a very bad situation. Portions of proceeds (60%) will go to aid families dealing with brain health issues. Go to for more information.


I think this book was very well written as one can only imagine what it's like to be hit by cancer even more so with brain cancer. It was lovely to see the support of family and friends that helped make what would have been a very hard journey, so much lighter.
To be able to go through something like this and then to relive it in again in one's writing can be difficult and it was so well done by the author. An interesting read.

Author Bio:
Chuck Collins is a 40-year veteran of broadcasting and media in Northeast Ohio, most recently in Akron, Ohio. He is currently operations director with Rubber City Radio Group, WAKR, WQMX, WONE, and has been on the WAKR air 10-3pm weekdays for the last 7 years.
Chuck has written four novels and published hundreds of essays for online and other publications. He has supported the performing arts with leadership roles in the Greater Akron Musical Association and continues to work with alcoholics and recovery services as a trustee with IBH, Addiction Recovery Center.
Chuck and his wife Monika are devoted to family and community and live in Hudson, Ohio.

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